Therapy in english

Therapy in english

At the practice of Odendahl & Kollegen, we are a team of licensed psychotherapists and psychologists with university degrees, each of us specialized in different fields of behavioral or depth psychology. Some of our therapists speak English fluently. We specialize in counseling, treating and coaching adult individuals and couples.

Depending on which therapeutic approach is the best one for your needs, we will provide you with the right concepts, designed to meet your individual requirements.

For  example, you can expect help and support when it comes to the following:

  • Deciding the direction you want to develop in and be supported in
  • Defining common goals and helping you overcome obstacles
  • Enabling you to make profound and lasting changes

Our approach:

  • Analytical, integrative and flexible approach to achieve the best for you
  • Quality assurance: We consistently review and document all treatment successes

Your confidence and your attitude are the foundation for developing and utilizing your own abilities and potential, which – in alignment with the jointly defined goals – will lead to your satisfaction in the future.

For your mental health – and your happiness in life.


If you have any questions or inquire an appointment, please fill in the following contact form. We will get back to you as soon possible.

Please answer the following questions in your message:
1. Who is your health insurance provider?
2. Have you been in therapy in the past? If yes, what type and for how long?
3. When are you generally available for appointments?
4. Please briefly describe your problem or what you would like to work on.